North American Kelp
"We Harvest, Process, Deliver Direct to You!

We are excited to be able to bring SeaCrop, SeaMix, SeaFish, SeaCrop Soluble Powder, SeaCrop16, and SeaLife Kelp Meal directly to you at an affordable price!

To simplify the ordering process, the prices for our liquid and soluble powder kelp and kelp/fish blend products include shipping costs.

How this works - Choose a product from the list on your left. You will be presented with a choice of sizes for the product. Choose the size you want and select "Add Item to your Inventory." If you wish to order more than one of particular product and size, you can then change the quantity -- or continue to select other products and add them to your inventory. You can also check your inventory and remove a previously selected product at any time.

When you have selected all the products you wish, simply select "Send your Quotes to Addumup" and you will be presented with a summary of your order.